• Sharp's Vision of "AIoT World"

    Bringing intelligence and emotion to household appliances-

    Far from simply connecting devices to the internet, Sharp's vision places people at its heart, with appliances that constantly learn about their users, adapting with them through various changes, both in individual lifestyles and across society more generally.

    Cloud-based AI technology constantly learns about users' choices and preferences in order to offer optimal services and solutions. And by equipping devices for a deeper understanding of individual users, Sharp’s AIoT World aims to bring major benefits for quality of life.

    Expanding the AIoT World towards Smart Life and Smart Office Services.

    In order to make the AIoT World a reality, Sharp engaged with various industries to develop four major business segments which are the AIoT Platform, AIoT Devices, Smart Life Services, and Smart Office services. With this collaborations, Sharp is creating new value from its cloud-and device-enabled connection and helping to realize the vision.

    * Some services may not be available in certain countries.